About us

We’re here to solve a problem

Today, millions of people in Spain suffer daily: pain, discomfort, lack of self-confidence, weak immune system. All of these things can be attributed  to one thing – lack of exercising. Some people can’t find the time allocate time to going to gym, some think gym memberships are getting too expensive.

We were also affected by this, so we thought it’s about time we find a solution. After several months of research and testing, HomePheonix™ was born in January 2018. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to offer you high-quality, certified products that meet strict standards. Each of them has proven to be effective in the long term.

We are now proud to offer you a range of products that will not only help you solve issues mentioned, but also do it for great value!

The entire HomePheonix™ team wishes you an excellent browsing experience and remains at your disposal for any information or request you may have.

See you soon.

Vytas, HomePheonix™ Store Manager